About Us

About Us

Chi Siamo

Pyrotechnics Sant’Antonio, founded about 20 years ago, has built his reputation for quality, innovation, technology and above all security in the field of fireworks.

The result is that we can offer a spectacular variety of products currently on the market: from the traditional fireworks (diurnal and nocturnal) to the most technological and fascinating choreographed musical displays; from the performances on public squares ( with the use of fountains, pyrotechnic waterfall, flash, etc. ) to the pyrotechnic blazes of campaniles, castles, historic buildings, villas, etc. ; from the pyrotechnic writings to the inauguration of shopping centre; from the pyrotechnical batteries ( with the use of firecrackers and mortars) to the majestic and always charming pinwheels

Our creative technicians include effects that support your event theme and the artistic use of colours and sound to delight the crowd. Each of our show is carefully crafted to paint a picture in the sky and we work with you to ensure the result just what you want.

Technology, reliability, competence, experience, courtesy and affordable prices are the main strength of Pyrotechnics Sant’Antonio.

Pyrotechnics Sant’Antonio offers a full design and choreography service; whether it’s a private party or a large public event we pride ourselves on being able to deliver more than expected to our customers. Your display will be a beautiful symphony of sound and play of light;
The sky during our shows never stop to be colored!
This distinguish ourselves among others and we are appreciate by everyone!