Pyrotechnics Sant’Antonio believes in technology applied to fireworks, qualified staff within the company follows daily this aspect, studying, designing and realizing autonomously its devices and systems which are essential for the preparation and execution of complex and rich performances.

For this reason, we want to offer sequential computerized effects for your firework display to make it even more spectacular and scenic.

With the assistance of new technologies will begin, space out or conclude your show with sequential computerized effects, with time interval from 0.01 seconds to 15 seconds.

The sequence will include the throw of dozens of “sbruffi”, banners, comets, etc. from different locations and with different effects: ola, fan, shell, miniature train, incoming or out coming.
We carry out every type of project and satisfy any kind of request. Our passion for creating new pyrotechnic elements for our customers is helping us to develop an entirely new perspective on the traditional fireworks performance.

We are proud of this news because our aim is to delight and surprise the audiences.

Finally, if your idea of event or show does not fall into one of those listed above please not hesitate to contact us the same, with our innovative spirit we take on this new challenge and we will happy to discuss and find an appropriate solution to your request.